Company Overview

Kipaş Kağıt A.Ş, started as a joint venture of Kipas Holding ( in 2011, is committed to produce high quality container board paper from waste paper by employing best-of-breed manufacturing technologies, human resources and ethical values inherited from our founders.
Today, with the acquisition of Company Teksan which has a long history in packaging, we are producing paper products such as Testliner and Fluting between 70-200 gr/sqm as well as packaging products such as conic and cylinder reel , honeycomb panel , honeycomb seperator, carton pallet, carton bracket.
Kipaş Kağıt save 6.000 hectares of forest by producing 425.000 tonnes of paper from 100% recycled waste paper annualy. One of commitments is to run a sustainable, ethical, socially responsible business, which we can proudly hand over to generations yet to come.


Becoming one of the leader company of the World in paper packaging industry by following and using new Technologies.


Becoming the reference paper company of Europe by producing the goods and services in the frame of work excellence which are most convenient for the customers requirements and expectations with the consciousness of leaving the nature to the future generations.


  • 1984, Kipaş Holding, co-founder of Kipaş Kağıt, started business as a small yarn manufacturer
  • 1995, Teksan packaging started to produce reels and such for textile consumers
  • 2011, Kipaş Kağıt started the erection of factory in Turkoglu, Turkey as a joint venture of Kipaş Holding
  • 2013, Kipaş Kağıt started to collect waste paper from local and international markets
  • 2014, factory in Turkoglu is erected and started operations